*Em König lives and works primarily on stolen Kaurna country.  Always was, always will be.*





PhD Candidate – Creative Writing

The University of Adelaide  (expected completion in 2020)


BA (First Class Honours) – Creative Writing

The University of Adelaide  (completed in 2017)


Published Works


“Lightly, on the Skin” (2018). In Case of Emergency Press. Print.

Full Length Collections

“My Breath is Plural” (coming in 2020)

Works in Journals, Periodicals & Anthologies (selected)

“A Baby on Board”. Pure Slush 13 (2017). Pure Slush Books. Print.

“The Birds”. Meniscus 6:2 (2018). Web.

“Cellular Porno”. Pink Cover Zine 2 (2018). Web.

“A Christmas Poem on Mirtazapine”. One Surviving Poem. In Case of Emergency Press. 2019.

“Control”. Malevolent Soap 1 (2017). Malevolent Soap. Print.

“Free Range”. Truth Serum 1 (2017). Truth Serum Press. Print.

“Gender: Fuck”. Pink Cover Zine 2 (2018). Web.

“Googling Christchurch”. SWAMP 24 (2019). Web.


“Imagining Icarus”. Pink Cover Zine 1 (2017). Web.


“Lungs..”. SWAMP (2018). Web.


“No Hemline”. On Dit (QUEER DIT) 86.5 (2018). Print.

“No Such Thing”. Meniscus 5:1 (2017). Web. http://www.meniscus.org.au/Meniscus%205.1.pdf

“Put Your Ear to These Words”. Raining Poetry in Adelaide (2018).

“The Resting Chair”. Pure Slush 11 (2016.) Pure Slush Books. Print.

“River II”. Pink Cover Zine 4 (2019). Print.

“Rock”. Cordite 89: DOMESTIC (2019). Web.


“Rot”. Pure Slush 12 (2016.) Pure Slush Books. Print.

“Stole”. Meniscus 6:2 (2018). Web.

“Synonyms for Womblike”. Cordite 91: No Theme VIII (2019). Web.


“testosterone”. Cordite 88: TRANSQUEER (2018). Web.


“Wasting days hunting”. Raining Poetry in Adelaide

“Woomera”. Cordite 92: Peach (2019). Web.


“Yes”. Cordite 90: Monster (2019). Web.



Spoken Word/ Community


SALA Festival (invited performer) – ‘The Scene is the Seen poetry night’ – Holy Rollers Studios, Adelaide

Emerging Writer’s Festival (invited performer) – ‘Vanishing Ecologies’ event – Brunswick Mechanics Institute, Melbourne

Raining Poetry in Adelaide (organising committee member) – JM Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice, Adelaide

‘No Wave’ Poetry Reading (regularly invited performer) – The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide


‘Readings After Dark’ Poetry Reading (invited performer) – The Howling Owl, Adelaide

Raining Poetry in Adelaide (organising committee member) – JM Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice, Adelaide

‘No Wave’ Poetry Reading (regularly invited performer) – The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide


Queering the Museum (invited contributor) – South Australian Migration Museum, Adelaide


‘How to Throw Mud’ Poetry Reading (invited performer)  – FEAST Queer Arts Festival, Adelaide


Performance (GIRL/Winter Witches)

MASConfessional – Durational performance work developed at Vitalstatistix/Performance Space (Day for Night). 2019.

Masc – Sound-based performance piece in development throughout 2019 at Adelaide Festival Centre, pvi Collective, the SUBSTATION, Brunswick Mechanics Institute and the Mill.

Sentients – Sound- based performance piece commissioned as part of Vitalstatix’s ‘Climate Century’ project. (2016-2018) – funded by Arts SA and Australia Council.

The Unspeakable Clothes Tour – Winter Witches national tour (Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Nimbin, Adelaide). (2017/18) – funded by Arts SA.



2017  JM Coetzee Prize

2016 John Harvey Finlayson Prize for Creative Writing

2016 Sir Archibald Strong Memorial Prize for Literature








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